The municipality

Town offices

The municipal building is situated in Egilsstaðir. There you can access information about local government and the various services provided by the municipality.


Street address: Lyngás 12
Phone: 4 700 700
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 – 15:45

Regular phone hours of selected town officers are weekdays between 10:00-12:00 but appointments can also be made during regular opening hours, or they can be asked to call you back when they have the opportunity.

Services of the municipality cover a wide range, including building permits, waste management, social services, preschools and compulsory education, various social services and many other.

The offices of HEF (Hitaveita Egilsstaða og Fella) are situated in Fellabær. HEF is a company owned and operated by the municipality to provide hot and cold water, and manage sewage in and around Egilsstaðir and Fellabær.

Hitaveita Egilsstaða og Fella

Street address: Einhleypingur 1
Phone: 4 700 787
Fax: 471 2165


Are you new in the neighbourhood?

If you have moved your permanent residence to here from elsewhere in Iceland you should notify Registers Iceland (Þjóðskrá Íslands) within a week.

If you have moved from abroad and plan to stay for 6 months or longer you will need to register a legal domicile here. Different rules may apply depending on whether you have moved from another nordic country, from a country within the EU/EEA or from elsewhere. You will also need to apply for a social security number (kennitala). 

Forms and further information about moving to and from and within Iceland can be found on the the official Registers Iceland website ( or at the municipal building in Egilsstaðir.


Fljótsdalshérað online service gateway

The online service gateway (íbúagátt) is a personal internet service that is in many respects similar to the internet banking services. It gives residents an opportunity to apply for services online, monitor  application processes, view applicable municipality service charges and payment status, send messages directly to municipal authorities and much more. The page is available to all residents of Fljótsdalshérað, as well as to others 18 years of age who apply for access to it. You apply for access at the website of Fljótsdalshérað. As of yet the online service gate is only available in icelandic.


Fun and festivites

Formal welcoming of new inhabitants takes place at the annual Ormsteiti festival. The festival is held in August each year and new inhabitants receive a letter from the municipality inviting them to the informal and cozy welcoming ceremony. The Ormsteiti festival usually stretches over a few days with several different events for both locals and guests to enjoy.

Other cultural events include JEA, which is an annual jazz festival, Skógardagurinn mikli, an annual celebration of the forest, held at Hallormsstaður and „Dagar myrkurs“ or Days of Darkness, which is a culture festival held throughout East Iceland every November.

Information about the various other local events and happenings in the area can often be found in the local publications and advertising leaflets that are published in the area. Some of those are distributed free of charge to all homes in East Iceland, either weekly (Dagskráin) or intermittently (Austurglugginn and Austurland).

Further information can also be found at information centers and websites.

Upplýsingamiðstöð Austurlands
Street address: Miðvangur 1-3
Phone: 471 2320


Street address: Kaupvangur 17
Phone: 4713060


Last updated 2018-03-20