Other services

Public and commercial transport

Town bus run by the municipality is available free of charge on a route through Egilsstaðir and Fellabær. Schedule and other information is available on the municipality website.

 SVAUST offers bus trips to and from several neighbouring towns in East Iceland. For schedules and other information check the website www.svaust.is.

 Strætó offers bus trips to and from Reykjavík through Akureyri and several other connections. For schedules and other information check the website www.bus.is.


Two major truck companies operate trips to and from Egilsstaðir and around the country.

Street address: Lyngás 10
Phone: 525 7970
Website: www.flytjandi.is

Street address: Kaupvangur 25
Phone: 458 8800
Website: www.landflutningar.is

 Air Iceland offers flights between Egilsstaðir and Reykjavík domestic airport. For more availability and booking check the website www.flugfelag.is.

For those traveling on their own it is vital to follow weather and road conditions closely.

Weather forecast for different parts of the country can be found at www.vedur.is.

Information about driving conditions on roads is available at www.vegagerdin.is. Direct phonenumber for information from the road administration is 1777.

Real estate agents

There are two licenced real estate agencies in Egilsstaðir, along with others in neighbouring towns.

Street address: Kaupvangur 3a
Phone: 440 6000
Email: dungal@domus.is
Website: www.domus.is

Street address: Kaupvangur 2
Phone: 580 7905
Email: sigurdur@inni.is
Website: www.inni.is

Waste collection

Residents of Fljótsdalshérað are required to sort their household waste into three seperate bins, grey for general waste, green for resyclable waste, such as paper, cardboard, plastic and cans to name some, and then brown for organic waste.

Waste is collected from homes and timetable for collection is available on the municipality website.

There is also a reception facility for larger items of waste that are not collected directly from homes. Staff will help you unload waste into the proper containers in the area.

Íslenska gámafélagið
Street address: Tjarnarás 11
Phone: 471 1111


Rarik handles the distribution of electricity in Fljótsdalshérað. When you move you need to let them know so that it is possible to read the meters.

Street address: Þverklettar 2-4
Phone: 528 9000
Email: rarik@rarik.is
Website: www.rarik.is
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 – 16:00

 Tax office

You get tax cards and information on tax matters, tax withholdings and tax returns at the tax office.

Street address: Skjólvangur 2
Phone: 442 1000
Website: www.rsk.is

District magistrate

The East Iceland district magistrate handles a variety of official matters, including registrations of real estate, passport and driving licence issues, family right matters, notarization and registration of legal documents, and many more. More information is available at the website www.syslumenn.is. 

The magistrate is also the local representative for the Social Insurance Administration (Tryggingastofnun) that administers social insurance, including pensions, and social assistance from the national government. Further information is available at the website www.tr.is.

Sýslumaðurinn á Austurlandi
Lyngás 15
Phone: 470 2130

Directorate of labor

At the directorate of labor you get information about vacancies and your rights if you are out of work.

Street address: Miðás 1
Phone: 471 2288
Website:  www.vinnumalastofnun.is

 Labor unions

Anyone working is required to belong to a labor union. The unions are independant organizations that guard the rights of their members and offer a variety of services. The two largest unions in the area are AFL and VR.

 AFL – Starfsgreinafélag
Street address: Miðvangur 2-4
Phone: 4 700 300
Email: asa@asa.is
Website: www.asa.is

Street address: Kaupvangur 3b
Phone: 5101700
Email: vr@vr.is
Website: www.vr.is


There are two practising veterinarians in Egilsstaðir.

Dýralæknastofan á Egilsstöðum – Hjörtur Magnason
Street address: Dynskógar 4
Phones: 471 2022 / 892 3160

Eyrún Arnardóttir
Street address: Randaberg
Phone: 855 2208

Last updated 2016-05-13