Religious and other organizations

Organized religion

The Egilsstaðir church building is home to the local branch of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland (Þjóðkirkjan). It is by far the largest church organization in Iceland. Three pastors serve Egilsstaðir and some of the neighbouring communities.

Street address: Hörgsás 4
Phone: 471 2724

The Catholic Church in Iceland has a branch in East Iceland and the area is served by three monks located in a monestary in neighbouring Reyðarfjörður. Regular church services are performed at the Corpus Christi chapel in Egilsstaðir.

Corpus Christi kapellan
Street address: Lagarás 18
Phone: 471 2727

 Other religious organizations in the area include the following:

Ástrúarfélagið is a fellowship of those that adhere to the old Germanic folk religion.

Local contact: Baldur Pálsson, Freysgoði
Phone: 861 2164

Íslenska Kristskirkjan is an independant christian congregation.

Local address: Eyjólfsstaðir
Phone: 471 2171

The Red Cross

The Icelandic Red Cross has a many different tasks domestically. The main emphasis is on bringing assistance where it is needed. New projects are chosen as a result of surveys and analysis. The Society carries out surveys regularly on a national scale to find out which groups in Icelandic society are most vulnerable with the aim of supporting them. Local branches of the Icelandic Red Cross also carry out surveys to gather information on circumstances in their local communities.

Here the local branch runs two shops, Nytjahúsið and Fatabúðin at Dynskógar 4, Egilsstaðir, where you can buy used furniture, clothes and housewear.

New volunteers are always welcome to participate

Last updated 2016-05-13