Sports facilities

In Fljótsdalshérað there are many options for those who wish to train or take part in various sporting activity. This activity is mostly organized by volunteer organizations, the largest of which is called Höttur and has several branches each dedicated to a different sport. More information van be found on the organizations website

Several other organizations also exist, both smaller local sports and youth organizations in rural areas and also organizations dedicated to specific sports.

In many cases the municipality provides venues for sporting activity and then the volunteer organizations organize the activity.

Gymnasiums, gyms and swimming pools

Egilsstaðir sports center consists of swimming pool, large gymnasium and a public gym.

The swimming pool is a 25 meter long outdoor pool with two geothermal hot tubs, a waterslide, a children´s pool and a steambath.

The gymnasium is one of the largest in the area in is amongst other things home to the Höttur basketball and gymnastics teams.

The gym Héraðsþrek gives access to treadmills, weightlifting equipment, stationary bikes and other fitness equipment.

Íþróttamiðstöðin á Egilsstöðum
Street address: Tjarnarbraut 26
Phone: 4 700 777


Other gymnasiums are in Fellabær and Brúarás and are mainly used by the nearby compulsory schools for sports lessons, but during afternoons and evenings they can be rented out to individuals and sports clubs.


In Egilsstaðir there is also a privately run gym that offers a variety of options for those who want to train.

 Crossfit Austur
Street address: Lyngás 12
Phone: 551 2191

A smaller privately run swimming pool is at the Á hreindýraslóðum guesthouse in Skjöldólfsstaðir farm. The guesthouse and pool is right by road nr. 1 in the rural northern part of Fljótsdalshérað. The pool is open to the public during the summertime.

 Á hreindýraslóðum
Street address: Skjöldólfsstaðir

Outdoor venues

Vilhjálmsvöllur in Egilsstaðir has a grass football pitch surrounded by an athletics course. It is the homecourt of Höttur football teams and athletics team. The venue is also used for larger gatherings and festivals. It is named in the honor of Vilhjálmur Einarsson, a resident and native of Egilsstaðir and a silver medalist in triple jump from the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

Fellavöllur in Fellabær has an astroturf football pitch and serves as the main practice area and a secondary homecourt for the Höttur football teams.

Other venues

In various other locations in the municipality you can find a 9 hole golfcourse, a shotgun and rifle range, a dirt track for motorbikes, indoor and outdoor venues for equine sports, skiing area, a 6 hole frisbee-golf course and several smaller football pitches and areas used for different outdoors activity

Last updated 2016-05-13